Inverdy is the brainchild of seasoned marketers, aiming to help those in need of creativity not for the sake of creativity. We understand that it’s not 2001 anymore, the bottom lines are affected by so much more than just pretty menus and colorful headers. This is why most of our work goes into the essence of your business, into understanding who your followers are and how can we do better by them.

Inverdy is the Inverted Universe, the home of rebellious ideas and piercing questions. It is the domain of curiosity where we push the status quo and squash mediocrity.

what makes us tick?

Brainstorming daily

We live online

Pros in different fields

Statistical research

Long-term partnership

7+ Years of experience

Only original work


bizdev shark
A lawyer by diploma and a creative being by heart, Victoria had to make a tough choice early on in her life. She opted to... follow her instincts and abandoned the court room ambitions to join the marketing team of an international tech company. She hasn’t looked back since. Her experience of different cultures, particularly the SMB environments in Asia, helps her remain grounded, in-touch with the human element.
creativity oracle
Natalia has over 7 years of experience working in different marketing departments, the last of which she was a... manager of. Observing big companies up close and personal opened her eyes for their reluctance to change but also for the value they put on efficiency. Following many conferences and talks with the people behind the business, her mission now is to combine the excitement and creativity of a startup with the efficiency of a mature company to help other organizations reach their potential.
After numerous freelancing projects and 2 stunts in the corporate world, Deso is juggling his fascination with the big... picture of branding, the importance of the content, and an obsession with being different. His extensive knowledge of the hosting industry gives him an easy access to any tech-related topic and he spends his time mining the net for something new and exciting.

why travel to the inverted universe?

The business
website needs
an alien rebuilding
Not enough clients
on your planet
Clients come but
leave quickly
investigation required
Investment in
human marketing
didn’t pay off
Your business is
our of fuel. needing
new ideas
Brand identity
Can’t expand
your business
Content too boring
audience not
  1. The business website needs an alien rebuilding.
  2. Not enough clients on your planet.
  3. Clients come but leave quickly. Investigation required.
  4. Investment in human marketing didn’t pay off.
  5. Your business is out of fuel, needing new ideas.
  6. Brand identity crisis.
  7. Can’t expand your business.
  8. Content too boring, audience not engaged.