We are all part of a whirlwind of items, entering our lives daily. From cars and cycles to cooking pots and comfy chairs, the new gets old and the old gets replaced. When the Cypsale team contacted us to build a platform enabling this whirlwind to take place online, we couldn’t be more surprised. We taught that every country had one or a few already established classified sites and that’s that. It turned out Cyprus didn’t quite have anything like cypsale.com.

At Inverdy, we always begin a project with research on who will be the end user. We got strapped and promised ourselves that the project will be nothing less than what the beautiful island deserves.


Our research painted a very colorful picture. It turned out that the island’s tourism comes mostly from Europe, a place where people already enjoy established free classifieds and are loyal to the brands back home.

Our analysis also showed that the local population, due to the geographical positon of the country and it being an island, is used to big international e-commerce sites. This meant that the layout of cypsale.com couldn’t be specialized but rather universal and straight-forward, in order to satisfy the needs of both the locals and the foreigners.

The outcome

Infused with Inverdy brand of humor, Cypsale turned out to be the “go to” place for those seeking classifieds. The alpha and beta testing of the site’s search engines showed its power, needed for any platform with such a large database.

Our testers let us know how enjoyable and easy-to-use the add submission process is. The site proved to work perfectly on any device, from tabs to older smartphones, and the color pallet satisfied those browsing on the move. The design is extremely brand-friendly and, thanks to some solid coding, the website will undoubtedly see even more users in the future.

On the move

Responsive, responsive, responsive. This is what our market analyzer told us when asked about one of the core aspects of the site. The potential users had already adopted mobile tech and we needed to give them what they needed. Cypsale had to be available on-demand, running smoothly on any device. A free classifieds website on a phone has to show only the specific information summoned by the user.

Our designers worked on scaling the User Interface to suit the mobile movement and chose colors which ease browsing and improve visibility. We were on the right track to deliver the marketplace Cyprus had been waiting for.